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“As a psychologist who has worked with kids
and families for over 25 years, I highly
recommend the Mudcakes' music .
The highly imaginative and playful lyrics and
sounds invite creative expression and provide
exposure to a variety of instruments and styles
of music.... This helps children recognize and
appreciate numerous forms of musical expression.

It is so satisfying for children to hear stories told
from their own perspective.  This is true for so many
of the Mudcakes songs.  Its important to have fun
with children in their world...allowing them to feel
supported and affirmed in how they experience life.
  Connecting with children in this way will contribute
to their increased self esteem and strengthen
their sense of self.

  Embedded in the lyrics of The Mudcakes'
music is the message that the child is well loved
and deeply appreciated.  This feeling comes
through easily and naturally when you enjoy
this music with children.” 

Judi Draper – Child psychologist, Nashville


'In my Prep grade, The Mudcakes ROCK!
We love to sing along to tunes about our parents,
baby brothers and sisters, buggy bugs and
being grumpy bums!  We love it because
the songs relate to life as we know it
and we love it because the tunes make us
want to dance.  Thanks Mudcakes for making
some of our learning times that little bit more fun!'


Kellie Walker – Yarraville West [Vic] Prep Teacher


 Kindie-rock at its best.
The Mudcakes capture a child's sense of humour
while creating clever music to rockabilly, surf, reggae
and bluegrass beats.

Melbourne Sunday Herald Sun


Sherry Rich and Rick Plant have the insight
into a child's mind - what they find funny as well as
what is important in the world of a youngster. Children
can easily relate to the songs, with titles such as
'Spit it Out' and 'Things that Mums and Dads Say',
providing hours of entertainment. The Mudcakes
put all their original lyrics to a variety of musical
genres from classical to surf and bluegrass.
Parents will find themselves singing along to
'Grumpy Bum' and 'Pack Up Time'
and no one will complain when
CAVE BABY is asked for repeatedly -
which it will be. 

Michele Dennis, Kindred Magazine


'The kids and I sing along [to the 'No No' song]
laughing to the words.
The variety of songs is awesome!'

Jacqueline, Melbourne Mother of 3


'A delightfully eclectic musical treat!' 

Nashville Parent Magazine




The Melbourne Age




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