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The Mudcakes ‘Music For Little Monkeys’ Incursion

Indoor acoustic incursion for kindergartens, early childhood centres,
school holiday programmes and schools (Prep to Grade 2)
45-60 minutes - groups under 40

Sherry and Rick bring their many years of experience as entertainers,
lyricists and professional musicians [and parents] into your space.
The show begins with simple voice warming and breathing exercises.
Then with kazoos, ukuleles, harmonicas, bongos, guitars,
flying monkeys and sock puppets the Mudcakes will reveal to children
the joys of seeing and hearing live music sung and played in an
intimate environment without the barrier of a stage or loud PA
system…. just like days gone by when families would make music
together at home. The show is fun, interactive, friendly and
educational, with songs that celebrate the everyday lives of small
children and their parents. Eager children will be invited up
‘on stage’ with the Mudcakes to become cheerleaders
and puppeteers, or play bongos and kazoosto original tunes;
[What’s Your Dad Doing? Hug Mummy, How Many Teeth Have You
Got?] and a few favourites that the children will know and be
encouraged to singalong to. All of the children will be able to express
themselves [if they want to] by moving to the rhythm,
clapping, shouting, growling and howling all within the safe
boundaries of a song. We start off with quiet songs then end with
some dance numbers. We may finish with a small question time
where kids can ask about instruments and whatever else may
spring to their minds.
In the last song ‘Shortnin’ Bread’, children are encouraged to form
a ‘musical train’ following Rick and Sherry while singing, clapping
and weaving around the space. This show is tailored according
to the age and needs of the particular group.

Prices start at $300

Ask about our fab community/charity group rates

The Mudcakes ‘Music For Little Monkeys’ concert 60 min show

For festivals and special events as a duo trio or four piece band

Calling all yummy mummies, tiny tots, kindie kids, delicious daddyos,
and groovy grandparents! The Mudcakes – from Nashville Tennessee
via Melbourne Australia – perform original songs that celebrate the
delicious ups and downs of family life in a range of music styles
including bluegrass, rock, reggae, Hawaiian, surf and pop.
They’ve been voted top 10 kids music by the New York Post
and sold out shows at the Melbourne Recital Centre and
New Zealand Kids Fest so it’s no wonder The Mudcakes’
quirky, funny and interactive stage show will have everyone up and dancing.

Prices start at $700

Singing for Little Monkeys

Ages 3 to 6 years

Join early childhood music specialists Rick and Sherry for a lovely group
singalong that includes vocal warm ups and yoga exercises, age appropriate
action songs, nursery rhymes and rounds accompanied by quirky
instruments and our friend the flying monkey!
Singing is a whole body experience that is relaxing and fun for all ages.
Children at this stage are busy learning language and when they explore and
and sold out shows at the Melbourne Recital Centre and
enjoy their natural singing voices at the same time it will reap lifelong benefits.

The Mudcakes Concert Party for Schools,
Childcare Centres and
Community Groups

60 min show

for a larger crowd (Prep to Grade 2)

Great for your Kinder Fundraiser, School Fete or
Charity Event

We bring our PA [or use yours] and do one big fun
dancey singalong interactive concert for many children.
Basically the same format as above. As a duo or with the
addition a drummer and bassplayer for a more rockin'
dynamic show.

Prices start at $600