The Saturday Age

"roots-rock aimed at discerning kids (and their equally discerning parents)"


ABC Radio Babytalk (Penny Johnston)

"Combining superior musicianship
and a rollickingly good and not patronising..."

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Zooglobble Interview

It can be hard to see half a world away, but there's an entire
kids music scene in Australia apart from the Wiggles.
It's small, but it's kicking, and trying to be heard. If there's a ringleader
to the movement, it's probably Sherry Rich Plant,
half of The Mudcakes...
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The Age (Michael Dwyer) 

My firstborn copped an earful of Deep Purple in his first week on Earth.
There may have been a pinch of denial involved, but there's no
parental leave for music critics so it was just business as usual
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Zooglobble June -


"Australia's Mudcakes weigh in with Songs For Little Sleepyheads,
the album most likely to sound like the album you or I might make.
OK, you probably wouldn't have simple accompaniment on ukulele
or lap steel guitar. (Definitely not the lap steel guitar.)
But the songs -- "I See the Moon," "Twinkle Twinkle," or
"Froggy Goodnight" (a reworking of "Goodnight Irene") --
are the type you might have in your repertoire.
There are some originals worked into the mix as well, and there's
a nice winding down effect. Recommended."


The Age summer critical guide -


"Got little kids? Prefer rockin' hillbilly to Dorothy the Dinosaur?
Local cowpokes Sherry Rich and Rick Plant hit the right balance of
gutbucket and nappy bucket to give the holiday road trip
a blast of singalong country swing."



Zooglobble - March


in the Northern Hemisphere. But Australian Sherry Rich and
American-born partner Rick Plant make the case for The Mudcakes
being a perfectly acceptable alternative..."
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The Dwarf - Nov


Songs For Little Sleepyheads is the third offering from The Mudcakes
After the first two records focused on 'awake time' activities – pooing
and eating and playing and talking, it seemed fitting
to have an album of lullabies. Some are Mudcake- sounding takes
on traditional songs (Twinkle Twinkle, I See The Moon)
and some are originals penned by Rich.
One of the great things about The Mudcakes is... Click here to read on





 For a while I was the kinder car-pool queen thanks to home-grown band,
The Mudcakes. Playing their song ‘Poo Party’ to unsuspecting
four-year-olds would result in much hilarity in the back seat,
ensuring a car-trip with me was like joining a party bus.
The Mudcakes first album, ‘Songs for Little Monkeys’,
was recorded in Tennessee and has a bluegrass feel.
Their latest release, ‘Cave Baby’, has a rock edge and with tunes
including ‘Pack up Time’ and ‘Please Don’t Polka the Baby’.
Parents will have it on replay.


The Dwarf -

"The Mudcakes have shown me how so very wrong I am
about what children's music can be like..."click here to read on



Melbourne Sunday Herald Dec -

"Kindie-rock at its best. The Mudcakes capture a child's sense of humour
while creating clever music to rockabilly, surf, reggae and bluegrass beats.



Kindred Magazine -

"Sherry Rich and Rick Plant have the insight into a child’s mind –
what they find funny as well as what is important in the world
of a youngster. Children can easily relate to the songs, with titles
such as 'Spit it Out' and 'Things that Mums and Dads Say',
providing hours of entertainment. The Mudcakes put all their
original lyrics to a variety of musical genres from classical to surf and
bluegrass . Parents will find themselves singing along to
'Grumpy Bum' and 'Pack Up Time'and no one will complain when
CAVE BABY is asked for repeatedly - which it will be."





"Kindie rock is the name American music reviewers give bands such as this,
who are producing live, organic children's music to cater to the
less-mainstream ear. The Mudcakes are a product of Australian
singer/songwriter Sherry Rich and her American partner, Rick Plant.
During the making of this album, Rich and Plant
were based in Nashville USA, and with a hometown like that you'd expect
the music to be of a h igh standard, and it is. Musicianship and
organic instrumuentation aside, Rich and Plant have succeeded
where many children's entertainers fail, by getting the balance right
between capturing a child's random sense of humour, while also creating
skillful music, varied in genre and original enough to appeal to both
children and parents. The songs on this album are quirky, melodic and
clever in their simplicity. 'Monkey Boy' is a cute, tropical, ukulele number
with some nice harmonies and a swinging Hawaiian beat. My kids
go absolutely wild over 'Poo Party' and 'The Snot Song' -
the irreverent lyrics creep up on the listener, cleverly
disguised in sweet vocals and funky rock, bluegrass and soul beats.
My pick (naturally) was the seventies falsetto funk of
'Be Good To Your Mama'. Rich and Plant are professional musicians
and they've enlisted the help of some of their Nashville buddies
with the instrumentation. For country music fans, the fiddle,
stand-up bass and drums are provided by members
of the Dixie Chicks and Reba McIntyre bands."







"thanks for a brightened morning and some muuuch better tunes than
children's TV is rolling out for my son and daughter at the moment..."


Congratulations on the lullaby cd, it is absolutely gorgeous. We had it
on high rotation this morning, and it promoted an atmosphere of calm
that I wish I could bottle. Amélie and I have been humming,
independently, "I See the Moon" ever since.


Just wanted to say thanks for your "Songs for Little Sleepyheads"
CD. I play it every night while I'm getting my
four month old daughter ready for bed.


I am in awe of your work, I just think you guys are amazing!.
The songs are so catchy, and the lyrics so so so so clever....WOW!
The mixing and the little additions to the songs, extra instruments
and voice overs....just totally perfect! You truly have dipped into
that inner well of creativity and are pouring out sublime work.


You guys sound awesome!


very much loving your work (Mum & Dad loving it more
than the intended daughter at the mo
except that it gets her parents up dancing like crazies
and she thinks thats pretty funny!)


I just went onto your website to have a squiz and listened
to your music... I absolutely love love love it...
what beautiful voices you and your hu s and have...
The music is so uplifting and positive...
a real breath of fresh air...


had to laugh when i saw the song "poo party".
my son at 3.5 still refuses to do poo's on the toilet
and we've promised him when he does we'll have a big
"poo-poo party" so he will think this songs made for him!


Thank-you Mudcakes. I have just listened to both Cd's before
they get wrapped and can't believe I am going to send my god kids
such brilliant xmas presents!! Your work is much appreciated.


I just wanted to tell you, that we loved the cd’s we bought.
Even my hubby loved them and we can’t wait for our baby
to be born so we can share them with him.

Keep up the outstanding work


Thanks for the CD, it arrived yesterday. Heard you on RRR
a year or so ago and my toddler's ears pricked up too so I got
your first 2 CDs for him. I think you're both brilliant.
It's great for kids to hear real music made for them.
I am hoping we can catch you playing somewhere soon.
Last night Alexi went to sleep listening to your new CD
(Songs for Little Sleepyheads) and told me this morning
it was good because it made him 'yawny.'
Hopefully that's a compliment...!