'WOW!  The Mudcakes made a song
just for me! All about  ME!!'


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Your child's name and personality in a
song that will be a 'forever' keepsake.


Imagine your child's face light up when they hear a song
written just for them! A song that will capture their
unique personality and celebrate their precious first years.


Do you have a special birthday coming up?

Maybe a new baby on the way or a family party?

Wouldn't you love a personalized song written
specially for your child or your family by THE MUDCAKES?


THE MUDCAKES are feeling creative and ready
to hit the studio. You already know THE MUDCAKES are
favourites in the world of children's entertainment but did
you know we are also professional musicians and
songwriters with years of experience in our craft?


For just $165 we will collaborate with you and write
a song with personalized lyrics to the melody of your
favourite Mudcakes' song. Or let us choose the song for you.

We will record it in our studio and send you a CD with
delightfulful cover artwork.

For $195 you get the same as above PLUS we will
send you a link to a video of THE MUDCAKES singing
the special song just for you.


Click here to hear an example, then email us
to discuss your unique personalized song!